Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness at Longmont United Hospital

After you go home, rehabilitation and prevention will continue until you successfully change to a lifestyle needed for overall heart wellness. As one of your partners to healthy living, we assist you in obtaining self-care by teaching you:

  • How to exercise safely? How to exercise regularly? How to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle?
  • How to make the right nutritional choice? How is your new nutritional plan working?
  • What heart medications do?
  • How to stop smoking? What options are available?
  • What are the different approaches to control your blood pressure?

Longmont United Hospital's cardiac rehabilitation class encompasses exercise, nutrition, living with heart disease, smoking, and any concern you feel needs to be addressed. It is designed to assist individuals who have just had a cardiac event (such as heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty) and have a high risk factor (such as angina, high cholesterol or high blood pressure) to work toward cardiovascular fitness. Medical personnel and exercise specialists provide a safe atmosphere while supervising the program. There are also many educational resources and opportunities to ask question about medications, diet and the disease process. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect is the support that develops among the participants.

Health Ambitions provides exercise and health education programs specifically designed for adults who have been ill, had an injury, or need heart rehabilitation. We keep you physically and medically safe as you recover, move, and learn. We help you relax, lose weight or develop a plan for good health.